Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Art Therapy Experiential: Best Practices Jar

History and Foundations of Art Therapy - Fall 2017
Best Practices Jar

Self-reflection on my core beliefs as an art therapist and the words of wisdom from established art therapists in the field that I’d like to carry forward into my practice.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Art Therapy Experiential: Who Am I?

Communication and Counseling Skills - Fall 2017
Who Am I? - The Gentle Guide

Exploration of who I am and hope to become as an art therapist.
I am the acorn below. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Art Therapy Experiential: Jung Shadow/Persona Mandala

Communication and Counseling Skills - Fall 2017
Jung Shadow/Persona Mandala

What masks do I show to the world? What aspects of my shadow and unconscious manifest themselves in my life? This piece was a great opportunity to reflect on Jungian concepts of the shadow, persona, archetypes, and various symbols that lend themselves to Jungian psychology. I was able to think about the conscious and unconscious as well as the ways these things may manifest in my life.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Art Therapy Experiential: Novice, Shadow, and Master Therapist

Principles of MFT - Fall 2017
Personality "Puppets": Novice, Shadow, and Master Therapist

Who am I as a new art therapist? Who do I hope to become? Which shadow aspects could derail me?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Art Therapy Experiential: Symbol of Self in Change

Communication and Counseling Skills - Fall 2017
Symbol of Self in Change: Freedom vs. Tension

Depict yourself as you respond to/exist in change within your life. This piece was a great opportunity to reflect on my default response to stressors as well as viewing the ways those responses have changed over time, or possibly vary by situation. It illuminated areas of personal growth as well as areas of response that I can continue to learn from.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Art Therapy Experiential: Insight

Digital Art Therapy - Fall 2017
2D exploration of the concept of "Insight", 
later developed as a 3D exploration in Tilt Brush using Oculus Rift

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Art Therapy Experiential: Eldercare Mandala

Eldercare - Fall 2017
Eldercare Mandala

What are the biopsychosocial aspects of growing old in America? What are my core beliefs as an art therapist and how can I extend those into eldercare? How can I advocate for elders in order to bring about a shift in society and culture’s views of elders?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Art Therapy Experiential: Gender Influences Collage

Communication and Counseling Skills - Fall 2017
Gender Influences Collage

What were my biggest influences on gender expression and gender roles?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Art Therapy Experiential: Creative Genogram

History and Foundations of Art Therapy - Fall 2017
Creative Mentorship Genogram

Select an established art therapist in the field to act as the Index Person; interview them to map their influences and mentors spanning at least three generations. Included in this piece are representations of individuals such as Edith Kramer, Margaret Naumberg, Pat Allen, Florence Cane, Erin Partridge, and Richard Carolan.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


This summer I dusted off my paints (and replaced several tubes that had dried out) to try my hand at my first ever painting course. I have, of course, painted for years but it's always been done independently or tucked into high school art.

These are the pieces that challenged me the most: my first ever self-portrait, an abstract piece based on the concept of transformation, and a piece titled Moon Guide.

Hands in Clay

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to take my first ever class in ceramics handbuilding. Through that, I also learned how to throw on the wheel, but the focus of my work remained on handbuilding. I found that, above all, working with the clay in my hands could calm me and pull me fully in to the present moment.

These will be added to my portfolio site by the end of the year.

 Grandma's Acorn Deck
Handbuilt and textured hollow sphere

Horsehair Raku
Hand burnished sphere, raku firing process, and final piece

Molela-inspired Narrative Tiles
Concept of finding peace and balance in the busy Bay Area

Mr. Bear
Enlarged replica of my child's bear, slab coil technique

Raku Pinch Pot Bowl

Geometric Slab Vase

Monday, October 30, 2017

Anniversaries and Transitions

October is the cusp between the official anniversary of Elements & Artifacts, my conceptual metalwork and wire jewelry business, and the anniversary of my official transition of such creations from hobby to business. I'm at 9 years and 12 years, respectively. It's difficult to encompass the myriad ways this has served me personally, professionally, creatively, or intellectually. I've even grown in ways I had not anticipated—in areas such as communication, marketing, accounting, and learning annoying new tax laws. 

This year these anniversaries are bittersweet, because although I do not intend to drop this creative work, it has been difficult to find time to create my own art or even strike a school/life balance while adjusting to my first semester of graduate school. My coming semester break will be spent in my workshop as a measure of self care, but in the meantime I am transitioning this blog, enabling it to capture my art therapy adventures, projects, and personal artwork in addition to more Elements & Artifacts creations.

Pictured below are glimpses into my workshop, a typical view of my workbench, macro photography setup, a corner of my desk, and yours truly in metalwork safety gear. The second photo shows the way art supplies for school have encroached on my metalwork setup! So far they coexist just fine, but it's a delicate balance and a tight fit. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Effective August 2017: Elements & Artifacts will shift from large, themed collections to smaller but hopefully more frequent clusters of concept-based jewelry while I earn my Master's in art therapy psychology. Life is change, growth is optional, and it is my hope that my creative work will continue to develop in the coming years. I look forward to this time of transition and transformation. 

Stay tuned, for I do not intend to leave E&A behind! I anticipate releasing new work this autumn.

A preview from my first week of grad school: