Thursday, January 31, 2013

Secret Admirer Contest!

Tomorrow I will be announcing a variation of my annual Secret Admirer contest on my E&A Facebook Page!

Interested in remakes or custom requests? My queue for March is nearly full with just one or two spots remaining. Details:

I will be fulfilling a handful of remake requests and just a couple of custom requests sometime in March! Please send me an Etsy convo if you 1. know most of the details of what you want including a URL/image if it is a remake, and 2. can be ready to pay in March when I am ready to go. You'll get a week or two of notice with the exact date once it's closer. First come, first served, and your spot won't be saved if you don't present me with details; this is both so I can plan for supplies and so that I don't overcommit myself.

Stay tuned for the contest details!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Elements & Artifacts Update!

I'm very excited to present my first jewelry collection of 2013! I started the new year by tinkering around in my workshop with new materials and techniques just to see what happened. The results became part of my collection which is based on the myths of Venus and Cupid, Love Spirits, and a partial reworking of the ethereal Stars and the Night Sky.

Here are a few of the new things you'll be seeing within my work this year:

1. Raw, rough cut gemstone nuggets.

2. The above searches led me to find free-form tavernier faceted gemstone cabochons which I am now madly in love with.

3. I've also begun working with a jeweler's hand saw, which opens up a bevy of metalwork applications including handcrafted bezel settings in something other than silver!

4. I discovered ammolite, which is a fossil of ammonite shells. They have a stunning chromatic shift with "dragon skin" or "stained glass" patterns and come in a wide variety of colors. Ammolite was recently given official gemstone status.

5. I also tinkered around with metal colorants and dyes.

6. I created a new design for my Sacred Heart pendants out of wire and hand-painted tissue in the vein of my winged insects, creatures, and lotus flowers.

7. I further practiced the advanced wire wrapping style that I learned late last year. This is a more in-the-moment style of designing that most of my other work, so it has been both stressful and incredibly freeing!

Happy New year, everyone! I'm very excited to see what this year has to offer and my creative muses are all fired up! I hope you enjoy this collection!