Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Sneak Previews!

I'm very excited to release my Summer 2012 series, which consists of new work and reinterpretations of the winged creatures that emerge in my work just before each summer solstice. Psyche comes back for a fourth summer with her symbols of metamorphosis.

Old Midsummer, Heliolatry, winged creatures old and new, flirty summer earrings, and a subseries of Moon Spirits will hit my shop either Tuesday or Wednesday morning! I'll make a Facebook announcement once I know for certain which day it will be; it all depends on my Etsy upload times!

Here are previews of Solstice Dance, Madame Lalinn the moon spirit, Dragonfly Muse, DragonWings, and Blue Morpho.


jenjenrebecca said...

These are ALL gorgeous; I sure hope I'm home and online when you post your sale!

jarvenpa said...

So pretty! Remind me why I have to pay my store rent instead of buying all your wares.