Friday, April 8, 2011

Creatures of the Otherworld

Many, many months ago I began jotting down the names of creatures, sprites, spirits, faeries, and other creatures of the Otherworld which are revealed in various myths and legends. I didn't set out to make this into a jewelry collection, but at some point in time I realized that my mind kept wandering back to my scrawled, chaotic list that took up a corner of my sketch book.

At long last I present the Creatures of the Otherworld!

My offerings vary wildly from collection to collection; I always seek to offer both simple and complex, affordable and extravagant. This series holds a larger balance of artisan level pieces than usual, which I was drawn toward when interpreting some of these magical concepts. Sometimes my inspirations navigate me on their own and this was one of those times.

This first photo is a production shot, taken right after I had finished a very intensive round of metal clay, kiln firings, enameling, stone setting, and patina baths.

Here are a few of my favorites from the collection. The rest are here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Dancer's Movement

I stumbled upon this wonderful artist, BalletArt on Etsy.

The work reminds me of the energetic ink artist who once trolled the university dance department when I took my summer intensives. His drawings caught the essence of a dancer—the positive/negative space, movement quality, and wild energy lines that extended out past a dancer's limbs. I have often thought of that artist and wondered whatever happened to him, but I am so glad to have found this new artist who holds their own remarkable style.

black and white swan

The wonderful Gail Kops has updated her Designer Gallery and Blog with some of the new work I've created using her glass art. :)