Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eve's Third Birthday

Eve's third birthday came and went! I generally keep this blog art-related, but I wanted to share a photo so that you know who is keeping me busy whenever I'm not working. ;)

Right now Eve's favorite things are trains, dinosaurs, princesses, dancing, and mermaids. She loves it when I cut her sandwiches into fun shapes like airplanes and Mickey Mouse ears, and she gives a Hershey Kiss a kiss before saying, "Kiss kiss," as she unwraps it to eat it.

She is an amazingly sweet, energetic, and bright girl and we are so lucky to have her.


AtelierSharka said...

She is so lovely. Happy Birthday **♥**

galadryl said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Eve. She is ever so cute.

Aimee Diane Designs said...

My daughter is 3 also! It's a magical age, isn't it?