Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty Indulgent

There's a lovely little write-up on Pretty Indulgent about a recent custom order that I did, along with a product shipment teaser. Shhh! I'll post more about it when she does her site launch!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sampling Dream Textures

I've been looking more closely at the PMC books I have here now that I have a kiln, and it's reminding me of the reason I was drawn to PMC in the first place: the possibilities are endless. Then, when you add in other materials the possibilities are exponential. Stones, of course! Enamel mixed with PMC and "melted" in a kiln? Absolutely fascinating.

Looking around Etsy at other PMC artists yields many common universal themes; everyone does leaves and vines or some form of natural symbols. But it seems to me that once a PMC artist gets going, that their own style really starts to shine through. That's where I want to go.

And so, I am reminded once again that it is a bad idea to read jewelry books and/or sketch out ideas right before bedtime. Last night, no matter where my dreams took me or what sort of adventure it was, I had a ball of clay in one hand that I was applying to EVERYTHING in order to capture a texture or shape in the clay. Yeah, I know.

Today I dug up a rather old tutorial which is the culprit for my initial interest in doing PMC. I decided that it would be fitting to give it a whirl as a personal starting point.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ars Moriendi and Frosty Coconut Drinks!

This month's Lunacy update at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post brought the release of something I've been dying to share!

Here is the design I created for the Ars Moriendi yoga pants:

Also, I may have done the label art for the Tiki Princess. >.>

A frothy, cold coconut perfume, pure and sweet, with gentle wafts of plumeria, pikake, and ala ala wai nui.

That blend sounds like perfection in the height of summer!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wait for Meeee!

The winged fairy festoon in the Fire Element incarnation is up, the sneaky straggler!

Old Midsummer

Today is Old Midsummer! I've put up a mini collection of color-changing Sunwheel earrings, oceanic larimar pieces, and flashy new Thunderclaps.

The Sunwheel disks in the earrings below were a fun find while vacationing on the Pacific Northwest coast. Of course, taking a week off from working didn't mean that I promised I wouldn't be drawn to glass-blowing studios, bead stores, lapidary studios, or Portland's Fossil Cartel. ;)

The new Thunderclap designs were a very organic process for me. I used the fundamentals taught by Earrings by Erin to create my own designs by using the knowledge I had gained about where and what wires are needed to secure a cabochon within a setting. I experimented with different shapes, swirls, and locations to come up with the designs in this post and the one prior to it. The crowned Thunderclaps were an exhilarating near-accident that resulted in a design that I plan to revisit and further embellish with other stones and other labradorites.

You may notice that one Thunderclap below never made it into Elements & Artifacts. I had to snag it for myself! :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful, fun summer! When I'm not chasing after my energetic toddler, I'm keeping busy with art projects and no less than three commissioned tattoo designs. When those wrap up, I'll be hard at work on the next jewelry collection. In the meantime, custom orders are always welcome, and never fear; I cleaned out one of my favorite labradorite suppliers so it's all here, waiting to be made into something pretty.

Visit Elements & Artifacts!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've hinted a few times about having new designs for Thunderclap. In the next day or two, there will be four new Thunderclaps in my shop along with some fun summer items. Two of the new designs are full wraps, and two are "crowns". Here's a sneak peek:

Friday, June 11, 2010

How 'Bout Some Chaos?

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has recently put up Chaos Theory VI! It is available for a limited time through June 29, 2010. Here's a sample of the spooky chaos star that I created for the labels:

Since I have a weak spot for vanilla and resin blends (among others), I had to try out the Recursive Self Similarity subseries for Vanilla and Amber. My vanilla #82 smells like layers upon layers of rich vanillas, with a hint of the XCDL13 prototype and a touch of added sweetness. Amazing! It is comforting, heady, and sexy all at once.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

But I Didn't Shoot No Comic Sans

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Waking Dreams

Oftentimes I am visited by random yet very vivid dreams, all clustered together in a way that leaves me wondering if I should be gleaning some sort of greater message from all the strange story lines and imagery. It is during these dream times, though, that I find my creations to be more vibrant. That is not to say that I dream up designs; rather, the thickness and color of my dreams tends to put me into a sort of state where the hustle and bustle of daily life does not interfere with the flow of ideas from my head to paper, whether that paper is a nice smooth sheet of parchment or my jewelry sketch book. On my jewelry table, it translates into a finished piece that just seems to be more than intended and more than the sum of its parts.

Purple Reflection

A favorite artist of mine, Stephanie Law, recently talked about waking dreams. She mentioned the way artists sometimes struggle over and over to capture the essence of their artistic vision. It can be the sight, taste, smell, or some other nuance of emotion or thought that we, as artists, seek to elicit in our work. Capturing the elusive spark of an idea, and having the tools and skills at hand to best convey it, is my ultimate goal as an artist. It is why I am constantly evolving my creative work. It is why I do not limit myself to only one jewelry technique, and it is why I'm not only satisfied with only ink and colored pencils even though they have taken over my heart. Artistic growth feeds my creative spark.

While on a long drive in the darkest wee hours of the morning, I had some amazing new ideas come to me which take up three full pages in my jewelry sketch book. These ideas are something which will take time to develop, but which I feel will be well worth the time and effort while I finish studying up on a new material and technique that I've had my eye on since late last year.

Yesterday I was asked to create an original art piece for display in the art gallery at the front of Dark Delicacies. I'll have more on that later!