Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special Elements & Artifacts Announcement!

Introducing a new signature style for Elements & Artifacts: ornate wire wrapping!

Viewing the body of my work over the years, it is easy to see a slow evolution in my art and jewelry designs. Reinventing myself is part of my creative process and something that is integral to my inspiration and growth as artist.

This year, I took a big jump with my art when I bought an Intuos4 tablet and began the process of learning to draw on something other than paper or canvas. It has added a new dimension to my skills and has bridged the gap between traditional fine art and graphic design.

This year, I finally chose to take a bigger jump than usual in my jewelry, and my workspace is now equipped with a bench block and various other tools for hammering and wrapping and oxidizing wire. I've been interested in learning these things for years and I am devoted to learning the techniques that will allow me to make my own mark.

This new metal and wire work can be viewed as another facet to my creations at Elements & Artifacts, and I hope these techniques will be a tool that will add depth and variety while also setting my work apart from similar jewelry artists and followers. The more I expand, the more I am able to articulate my concepts and inspirations so that the feeling or emotion behind something is communicated to you as the viewer. That is my ultimate goal as an artist as I continue to explore what my heart and mind conjure.

Here's to growth and change, exciting new offerings, and a new signature style for Elements & Artifacts! 2010 is going to be a good one while I work to fully claim this new venture. :)


Tanjia said...

Your new work is just stunning. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie G said...

These are really beautiful. I found myself especially drawn to the top piece, which naturally isn't on your Etsy store. Will there be similar pieces in the future?

Alicia Dabney said...

Thank you, Tanjia!

Debbie, the top piece you inquired about sold very quickly. The focal pendant in them is a one-of-a-kind glass creation by German artist Gail Kops, and they are hard to come by, but I can assure you I will be making more pendants like the one in this post as soon as I am able to get more of Gail's pendants! I always post here, Facebook, and Twitter whenever I update my shop with new things! :)

Debbie G said...

I hardly ever have time to read my blogroll, but I can usually manage to keep up w/ Twitter, so I followed you over there. There are two Alicia Dabneys on Facebook, so I hope I just sent a friend request to the right one! :-) (Feel free to ignore the friend request if you don't friend random strangers... it won't hurt my feelings! :-) )