Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elements & Artifacts Reviewed on Musings from Mom School

Musings from Mom School has a lovely Elements & Artifacts review up HERE!

I just donated a necklace for the blog's upcoming Autumn Leaves Giveaway, which has eleven other confirmed artists, so stay tuned for news about how to enter!

Many new things are percolating with Elements & Artifacts, my art blog, and some other secret projects. The next few months may be very interesting. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Patch of Pumpkin Keepers

I just created a second run of Pumpkin Keepers since the first run was so popular. With it are new Steam Queen pieces, a revisit of my Day of the Dead earrings, and a couple of whimsical amber necklaces which gave me the opportunity to play with some of my new Grade A amber briolettes. Enjoy!

You can view the new work at Elements & Artifacts!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


The other day I stumbled upon these adorable little coffee cup cozies!

Instead of using the cardboard cup sleeves offered at local coffee shops, use the re-usable bat cup sleeve! I tested the bat cup sleeve with hot liquids and it effectively protects your hands and insulates your drink, plus the fabric is amazingly soft and the stitching shows a fine attention to detail.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Elements & Artifacts Halloween!!

It is nearly Autumn, and a handful of days later, October! Thus, I have completed my Halloween set for 2009. I stumbled upon idea after idea, and before I knew it, my collection was nearly two times larger than normal. I even set aside over a dozen ideas to save for next year!

Here are a few highlights, and the rest are for sale at my website! Coming soon: new printed note cards with my artwork, art prints, steampunk and victorian grunge jewelry, and then my Yule collection!

Elements & Artifacts

Elements & Artifacts

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

24 Hour Sale

In celebration of my baby Eve's 1st Birthday, I am holding a 24-hour sale at Elements & Artifacts! Take 20% off any item on Thursday, September 3rd. Sale ends at 11:59PM, Pacific Time.

1. Visit Elements & Artifacts and go through the check out process.

2. Enter Happy Birthday Eve in the message to seller box before you complete your order.

3. Do not send payment yet. When I see your order with the birthday message, I will send you a revised Paypal invoice with the 20% discount. Once you pay, your new jewelry will be beautifully packaged and on its way to you!

(Your payment does not have to be submitted before the 24 hour period ends, but your order must be placed before September 3rd is over.)

Enjoy! :)

StarGazing WoodElf

I was asked if my Symbols art print could be featured in StarGazing WoodElf's blog, and of course I said yes! Go here to read it!

This piece is many years old, and it was actually one of those stream-of-consciousness pieces where I just scraped and scraped then immediately began the copper etching process before I could allow myself to think too much about it. It's a mish-mash of symbols and the elements.

BPAL + Neil Gaiman + Art

Last week I was busy creating some website artwork for the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab site. The art is a combination of hand-drawn ink and vector drawing. Since the new art went up on the website with last night's Lunacy update, I am now able to share some screencaps here. :)

First, we have a little skully scroll at the top and bottom of the left navigation bar.

Then there is the scroll work for the new Neil Gaiman landing page.

I also created the images for the Anansi Boys and American Gods sections. Anansi Boys features an abstract take on Anansi's "story weaving", and American Gods features Mr. Wednesday, or Odin, with shadows of some of the Gods from the novel.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

24-Hour Sale

In celebration of Eve's 1st birthday, there will be a 24-hour sale at Elements & Artifacts on Thursday, September 3rd! 20% off any item! Stay tuned for details!