Friday, May 30, 2008

Comic Book Tattoo

From the Tori Amos website:

This July the ever-growing relationship between comics and music reaches new heights as Tori Amos and Image Comics release COMIC BOOK TATTOO, a 480-page, full color anthology adapting the themes and ideas behind her songs into a lush volume of sequential art.

Not only will it be interesting to see a comic book-style anthology inspired by Tori's music, but the art itself should be fantastic, and her friend Neil Gaiman has penned the book's introduction.

I love it when multiple art forms mingle.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Carnaval...

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab recently released Acts IV and V in the Carnaval Diabolique, a limited edition line of artistic and evocative perfume oils that are like nothing you have ever found before. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create the label art for Act V - The Wunderkammer. Check out the Carnaval Diabolique here, and don't forget to browse the rest of the website for this amazing etailer.

Artwork Copyright 2008 Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where Metal Fishes Go to Die

This was a rare and stunning find on Urban Decay, a community for photographers who find beauty in decay. Old, dilapidated, and abandoned places are given new life, and sometimes they even take on a life of their own.

HDR Photo by HoloGhost on deviantART. Check out his gallery.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

All works of art start as potential.


Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working on a design for a steampunk-inspired scent locket for Black Phoenix Trading Post. The Trading Post specializes in unique, archaic, and sometimes cheeky items, fantastic garb, and beautifully scented soaps, bath oils, massage oils, and scrubs... just to name a few things. The fragrances come from the ever-fantastic Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and are also not to be missed. The Clockwork locket is a fitting extension to the Lab's new line of steampunk fragrances!

The Clockwork locket is hand cast in 925 sterling silver and has been partially gold washed and oxidized.

Clockwork Copyright Black Phoenix Trading Post

Thursday, May 8, 2008


This piece is part one of a series of paintings on the Elementals. I began with the water element since I am most familiar with its nuances. That I ended up with a mermaid is a bit of a surprise to me, but I went with it instead of forcing an undine to appear.

Earth, air, and fire will follow...


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On Art...

So much of visual art, to me, lies in the way a piece can affect the emotions of the viewer. I don't mean severe swings from laughing to crying, though that is certainly possible. Rather, I think of it as successful if it can invoke subtle shifts of mood or act as impetus toward a new thought, discovery, or inspiration . When I can glimpse something in a piece that opens up my mind in a way that I can briefly feel the emotions or culture or history of the subject matter; when I suddenly find a long lost memory stirred to life again because of something I am viewing; when I find myself transported, even for a moment, as I am caught up in viewing the flow of an ink line or the lighting or the mix of color... that is when it is art to me.